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A city of sports, outdoor activities and amazing landscapes, Jyväskylä is a great place to visit during your winter holidays. Bearing the title of the City of Sports, Jyväskylä has hundreds of places to enjoy winter sports. Whether you are here for a short stop or for a longer period, check this information and make each day of your stay in the heart of Central Finland memorable!

Downhill skiing and snowboarding

Laajis Ski Centre

Once you are in Jyväskylä, spend some time skiing or snowboarding in Laajis Ski Centre. This place is a favorite activity centre all around the year among the locals. Twelve slopes, several tracks for cross-country skiing, a track for downhill skating and diverse routes for trying out snowshoes make this centre a great spot to enjoy a day outdoors. This is also the place where Red Bull Crashed Ice is held on 20-21 January 2017.


Skating in Jyväskylä

In addition to school skating rinks all around the city, you can try skating right on Lake Jyväsjärvi following its special track made between Jyväskylä harbour and Mattilaniemi. One of the best periods of time to enjoy skating on the lake is mid-January-beginning of March, when the ice is strong enough to keep you skating on the lake surface. If you have no skates, no worries – you can rent skates from a pop-up rental place in a ‘kota’ (a Finnish traditional grilling hut) in the harbour.
Skates rental

Cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing in Jyväskylä


There is a belief that Finns are born with skis on their feet. No wonder! With such a great number of tracks, you can literally start skiing having stepped outside of your apartment or hotel. Hills, hollows, lakes – there are tracks that are suitable for any level of skills and skiing styles.
Map of the skiing tracks (by clicking on the names in blue, you can find a map of each track)


Winter hiking in Jyväskylä

Winter is yet another great season for hiking, especially if you want to see some winter wonderland images of Central Finland. There is a number of idyllic hiking trails around Jyväskylä, just a couple of minutes of drive from the city centre. Below you can find a list of some of the trails and their maps.

Ice swimming

Ice swimming in Jyväskylä

This might sound like an extreme way of getting healthy, yet together with sauna, ice swimming is perhaps one of the best medicines against flu or cold. In Jyväskylä, there is own ice swimmers’ society, which take care of the places where you can have a dip in the ice hole. Below you can find the maps of the places for ice swimming.

Swimming pools and Spas

Spa in Peurunka

If you prefer a bit warmer water temperature and want to relax after an active day outdoors, visit Cumulus Resort Laajavuori with its numerous saunas and a beautiful panorama spa or AaltoAlvari swimming pool, which has several 50 m tracks, a water slide and a pool with sea waves, or enjoy your time in the largest Spa of the region – Spa Hotel Peurunka with its 130 m long water slide, a pool with river stream and several jacuzzis and saunas.

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