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Autumnal Jyväskylä Region offers amazing possibilities for any outdoor activities. The county has five national parks, countless of other nature destinations and 3700 lakes. Amazing nature trails take their visitors breath away in Jyväskylä city and all over the region. The well-being of the people in the region is comprised of exercising in the nature, breathing fresh air and of course, sauna bathing. Jyväskylä Region is the world’s Sauna Region, hence there are loads of different saunas to explore and experience!

Jyväskylä Region in the middle of the most beautiful Lakeland scenery is a great choice for a sustainable traveler. It is easy to find a wide variety of sustainable service providers such as tour organizers and various types of accommodation. This site consists some holiday tips to make your Lakeland adventure a memorable one. The tips are planned for a weekend trip but with combining multiple tips there are things to do for the whole week!

Autumn holiday at Leivonmäki National Park

Cloudberry at Leivonmäki National park

Photo: Julia Kivelä

Located in the Municipality of Joutsa, Leivonmäki National Park makes an excellent destination for hikers of all levels, since it offers varied terrain, first-class scenery as well as tracks and trails of different standards. In an area of just over 30 square kilometres visitors will discover a landscape that encompasses ridges, lakes and bogland.

Cozy accommodation in the proximity of the park is offered for example by Lamminmäen Tilat, where the guests can enjoy the beautiful countryside scenery. When staying at LomaLeivo you can say hi to the adorable pack of sheep that lives in the premises! Only about 30 kilometers away at Toivakka is Nukula, a charming family-run guesthouse that respectably received Visit Finland’s Sustainable Travel Finland label in June. Nukula pampers its guests with nature experiences surrounded by a wild forest and a beautiful lakeside scenery.  The various sauna treatments such as whisking and peat sauna are also something that shouldn’t be missed when visiting Nukula.

Would you like to explore Leivonmäki National Park on a fatbike? Versona offers a great selection of nature tours, such as guided fatbike trips. From Versona you can also rent fatbikes for independent exploring. Kayaks and canoes can be rented from Metsän Kutsu, and they can also take you out on a guided trip. Would you like to experience Finnish nature with your tastebuds? Then Nature Safari Finland’s tasting trip to nature is for you!

After a day of exploring you can take a heading towards Joutsa center and its great restaurants. Brewery restaurant Kellari offers mouth watering food and locally brewed beer until late evening. Restaurant Karoliinan Kestikievari is also a very unique location to dine at. And while you’re at Joutsa, remember to buy some locally made cheese by Jukolan Juusto as a souvenir!

Fall getaway to Southern Konnevesi National Park

National park hopping, photo: Julia Kivelä

Photo: Julia Kivelä

Southern Konnevesi National Park charms its visitors with its rugged, rocky landscapes and endless lake vistas. Due to its variable elevation, the park offers challenging routes across the park’s fantastically diverse landscapes. In addition to hiking, the clear watered Southern Konnevesi National Park makes an ideal destination for water sports such as boating and canoeing.

About 30-minute drive away from the park there are many options for accommodation. Varjola is an atmospheric holiday resort located next to a roaring Kuusaankoski rapid in Laukaa. At Varjola your holiday can’t go wrong when you’re enjoying the high quality accommodation, fresh food, countless activities and saunas. Maybe you could rent a fatbike or try out the brand new product; trekking backpack! As well at Laukaa, Peurunka is also full of activities for the whole family. This nature surrounded spa hotel with its multiple restaurant and accommodation options tuckes away loads of activities such as swimming, bowling, tennis, hiking and yoga.

Have you always dreamt about sleeping under a starry sky? At Revontuli Resort’s glass igloos this can be done and without compromising on the comfort. The resort is packed with things to do with its countless acitivities, high class entertainment from Finland’s greatest artists and sauna bathing in the resort’s different types of saunas.

HyvänTähen is a provider of wellness and recreational services at Konnevesi that arranges guided hiking and kayaking tours. On these tours you’ll get to enjoy delicious packed lunch that has been prepared respecting nature and without restraining it. Konnevesi is a fisherman’s paradise with its famous rapids that are rich in trout. Erä’s Pete leads you to the catch of a lifetime on his guided fishing trips. Or maybe instead of an organized tour you would like to enjoy nature indepentently? Kayaks and canoes can be rented from Häyrylänranta Camping ground.

Autumnal visit to Isojärvi National Park

A woman fatbiking at Isojärvi National park

Photo: Julia Kivelä

At the border of Jämsä and Kuhmoinen lies Isojärvi National Park. The landscape of the park takes you onto a journey through time, to the days, half a century past, when wood-cutters worked the many logging camps around Isojärvi. A different kind of wood-chopper lives in the park today; the beaver. Catching sight of the timid animals themselves on a hike is rare, but it’s hard to miss the impressive beaver dams they build.

The diverse landscape of Isojärvi is highlighted by impressive fells and deep ravines. The diverse trail network has something for every hiker. Wilderness guide service Talvi arranges various nature tours for example to Isojärvi. With Tavinsulka the park can be explored on kayaks and canoes. Choose between a guided tour or indepenendent exploring on rental gear and head out to the waters!

A comfortable base for exploring the park is a cottage or a villa from Himos Holiday. Sauna bathing in the privacy of your cottage adds a nice finishing touch on a day spent out in the nature. Many villa and cottage also have an outdoor hot tub for ultimate relaxation. Himos also has a diverse collection of activities throughout the year. The varying landscape of Himos offers great hiking trails only a stone’s throw away from your cottage. HimosJämsä has listed their best tips for an active autumn holiday on their website.

Another great accommodation option in Jämsä is for Hidden House Pirttijärvi, that offers luxury camping at its finest. Glamping is a unique way of enjyoing the beauty of nature and luxurious accommodation at once. At Pirttijärvi Icelandic Horses stall located in the premises you can soak in the amazing landscape from the back of a trustworthy and gentle Icelandic horse. If you’re looking for hotel accommodation, Hotel Hiisi Hill in the center of Jämsä is an elegant and stylish option.

The amazing natural attractions such as Juveninkoski waterfall, a rugged Vororotti gorge and a gorge valley Synninlukko are also worth seeing when visiting Jämsä. Oravivuori triangulation tower is only a short drive away from Jämsä. This tower located at Korpilahti is a part of Struve Geodetic Arc and it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

When vacationing in Jämsä, Restaurant Moose Manor is definately something worth experiencing. In addition to dining in an atmospheric manor, here you can also pet the friendly pack of moose and spotted deer living on the premises. Unique experiences for your tastebuds is also offered by Patapirtti winery and restaurant. Who would’ve guessed that tasty wines are produced in Jämsä? On the contrary to the traditional wines, these are made from Finnish Berries, such as blackcurrant.

Fall holiday at Pyhä-Häkki Natonal Park

A man hugging a tree at Pyhä-Häkki National park

Photo: Lina Markkanen

A traveller in Pyhä-Häkki National Park can hear the ancient pines whisper stories from more than four hundred years ago. The old-growth forests of the park are a sobering sight, filled with mysteries of nature. The oldest tree in the park has reached out to the sky for more than 500 years! Besides the old-growth forest, the Pyhä-Häkki National Park is rich in boggy terrain. Pyhä-Häkki, founded in 1956, is the oldest of Jyväskylä Region’s national parks, and with its well marked and easy footpaths, an all-time favourite.

Purola Farm, located only 30-minute drive away from Pyhä-Häkki, is a charming farm at Saarijärvi that has been awarded with Visit Finland’s Sustainable Travel Finland certificate. Purola Farm accommodates its guests in cozy, rustic guest rooms. Purola also arranges riding tours on lovely Icelandic horses for riders of all skill levels. Piispala at Kannonkoski is also a great place for vacationing with its endless activity selection. Stay at one of the cozy cottages and spend an active holiday at Piispala!

Pyhä-Häkki is not too far away from Äänekoski either! Accommodation & Fishing Vonkale organizes guided fishing trips where the skilled guide reveals their finest pieces of advice and leads the participants out to the greatest fishing waters. At Vonkale’s cozy cottages you can spend the night right on the shore of the lake Keitele. Kapeenkoski offers tasty meals, accommodation, sauna bathing, fishing trips and various types of nature tours on order.

Atmospheric autumn at Salamajärvi National Park

Pitkospuut Salamajärven kansallispuistossa

Photo: Upe Nykänen

Salamajärvi National Park, located in Kivijärvi, is a hiker’s dreamscape of varied routes and scenery. Its circular trails are comprehensively waymarked, with about 70 kilometres of hiking altogether. The common starting point for the trails is the Koiransalmi Nature Information Hut, which also provides tourists with activities, accommodations and meals. The trails in the park make up a significant portion of the 115-kilometre Peura Trail hiking route network that spans Northern Ostrobothnia and Jyväskylä Region. Salamajärvi’s natural landscape is defined by extensive mire meadows, atmospheric primeval forests and rugged felsenmeer rock.

A great place to stay at near Salamajärvi is Karkausmäen Kammari. At Karkausmäki you can feel the atmosphere of an old forest hut in a wild forest scenery. Enjoy the nature and the gentle warmth of a traditional sauna spiced up with peat and herb treatments. As the evening grows darker the outdoor bath tub is a great place for spotting constellations and the northern lights. Also Hannunkivi Holiday village is located in the proximity of the park. Get detached from the hectic everyday life and find your connection to nature at Hannunkivi’s amazing nature landscape. When staying at Hannunkivi, remember to stop by at the atmospheric Peuran Tupa restaurant. Aikko Manor at Viitasaari is also a great base for exploring Salamajärvi National Park. When looking for a hotel with great exercising and nature experiences nearby, Koto Hotel at Pihtipudas is a very nice option with its bright and spacious rooms, delicious breakfast and restaurant’s tasty local food.

Erävaris is a reliable choice for making your wilderness dreams come true! With Erävaris you can attend a kayaking or fishing tour, explore Salamajärvi with an experienced guide or descend on a rope from an observation tower! Or would you like to go hunting? Erävaris will carry out a hunting trip according to your preferences.

Nature holiday in Northern Jyväskylä Region should include a visit to Savivuori observation tower where the view sipmly blows you away. A magnificent view can also be found from Karoliinan portaat, nature-made stone steps. Huopanankoski rapid is one of Finland’s oldest and best known recreational fishing areas. This popular fishing rapid with cultural heritage landscape has waters rich in trout and grayling. Pihtipudas is famous for its beautiful ridge formations and lake sceneries.

More nature holiday tips to Jyväskylä Region

Ylistö bridge in Jyväskylä

Photo: Lina Markkanen

Jyväskylä is a unique combination of city culture and nature. In the vicinity of the city center there are lots of great nature trails. Tourujoki nature trail, Laajavuori area and for example Jääskelä nature trail are great places to explore during your holiday. If you’re looking for a nice viewpoint, climbing up to Kanavuori mountain is worth the effort. Sweating on this steep trail is rewarded with a magnificent Lakeland view. Harju recreational area with its iconic Nero steps is also worth a visit. At Nyrölä hiking trail a tiny little islet can be visited using an old-fashioned cable ferry. Remember to pack up some sausages, since there is a great barbecue hut on the islet!

Did you know that two out of Finland’s seven UNESCO sites are located here in the Jyväskylä Region? The sites are the magnificent Petäjävesi Old Church and Oravivuori Triangulation Tower. Stop by at Oravivuori first and then make your way for a guided tour in Petäjävesi Old Church. Petäjävesi is also the starting point for Wanha Witonen paddling route, which is 75 kilometers full of gorgeous natural scenery. Wanha Witonen stretches all the way to Keuruu, where you can spend the day exploring the fascinating Old Keuruu and enjoy a hearty meal at Pappilan Taverna restaurant. After a day of exploring Riiho Guesthouse is a great place to rest and charge your batteries for another day of adventures!

Looking for an easy breezy vacation? Taulu Manor has created accommodation package that includes tours in three national parks. During this three day package you get to experience three national parks while the accommodation takes place in a rustic manor. A day of nature activities is followed by a relaxing evening in a beautiful setting enjoying tasty meals prepared by fresh, local ingredients. Tours to Leivonmäki, Southern Konnevesi and Pyhä-Häkki national parks are carried out under the guidance of professional guides.

And last but definitely not least; saunas! Jyväskylä Region is full of different saunas to experience and there are lots of open sauna events arranged every week. Would you like to bathe in a traditional smoke sauna, a moisture-filled tent sauna or a modern city sauna located near the center of Jyväskylä?


Information about the coronavirus epidemic in the Jyväskylä Region:

On the 24th September, Jyväskylä city gave a recommendation to its’ citizens who are over 15 years of age, to wear mask for the next two week in public places. The masks are recommended to be used in

-Public places and public events

-Outdoor events where safety distances are difficult to execute

-In all public transportations

Read more practical information about the coronavirus epidemic for tourists traveling to Jyväskylä Region.

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