Guided nature tours in the Jyväskylä Region
19. October 2020 Uncategorized
Women enjoying campfire coffee at Viitasaari

Going on an adventure? Participating a guided tour is the most convenient way to discover new nature destinations when traveling. Presence of an experienced guide gives you the freedom to focus on the essential instead of constantly eyeing on the map. In addition to keeping you on the map, a guide who knows the area […]

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Tasty souvenirs from The Jyväskylä Region
07. October 2020 Uncategorized
Panda licourice

Taste the Jyväskylä Region at your home! Local, tasty food products that represent the visited destination are the best kinds of souvenirs, don’t you think? Jyväskylä Region has plenty of local producers with some delicacies you can’t get enough from. This is our Top 5 of the region’s tastiest souvenirs: 1. Panda originated in 1920 […]

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Jyväskylä Region’s most atmospheric saunas TOP 10
30. September 2020 Uncategorized

Strip down to your birthday suit, have a seat at the wooden bench and throw a ladleful of water onto the hot stones on a sauna stove. Stones make a soft hissing sound as the water hits them and the air is filled with warm steam that we call ’löyly’. That’s the plain physics of […]

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Autumn holiday in The Jyväskylä Region
24. September 2020 Uncategorized
Lingonberries at Southern Konnevesi National Park

Autumnal Jyväskylä Region offers amazing possibilities for any outdoor activities. The county has five national parks, countless of other nature destinations and 3700 lakes. Amazing nature trails take their visitors breath away in Jyväskylä city and all over the region. The well-being of the people in the region is comprised of exercising in the nature, […]

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Top picks for a sustainable traveler in the Jyväskylä Region
02. September 2020 Travel
National park hopping, photo: Julia Kivelä

Seeking for sustainable and environmentally friendly accommodation options and tour organizers grows its popularity among travelers each year. Eco-friendly traveling is not only necessary for the sake of our planet, it is also a rising trend in the tourism industry. A holiday in the Jyväskylä Region is easy to carry out wearing shoes that have […]

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Roadtrip: Photogenic Jyväskylä Region
21. July 2020 Uncategorized

This month’s road trip has guaranteed summer fun full of great nature destinations for the whole day. On this trip we get to experience versatile landscapes not only on foot, but also on a kayak or on a SUP board. The final stop of the trip is Revontuli Resort and its photogenic glass igloos. As […]

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Winter camping in Jyväskylä region National parks
20. February 2020 Travel
Pyhä-Häkki National Park

Who says you can only go camping during the summer? Wrong! Pack a few packs of sausage in your backpack and take some hot juice in a thermos bottle. Then dress up warmly and now you are ready for a nice wintery camping day out in the nature. There are five major national parks in […]

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Video: Sauna Region Week 2019
23. August 2019 Travel

The 4th Sauna Region Week was on the first week of July (29th June to 7th July 2019). We had almost 3000 people visiting in 76 different sauna events! See you in year 2020 (27th June to 4th July)! The idea of Sauna Region Week is to offer both locals and tourists an opportunity to […]

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Welt: Das sind Finnlands beste Saunen
23. August 2019 Travel

German newspaper Welt visited saunas in Jyväskylä Region and the Sauna Region of the World in summer 2019. Read more about the sauna culture in Finland and the saunas in German here. Photo: Revontuli Resort.

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