#Activities Jul 03, 2018 15:47 GMT

The Sauna Region Week is on, and our summer trainee Maria participated a canoe trip organized by Tavinsulka to a small island Kalasaari. The island can be found from Lake Päijänne, and the distance is quite short, so trips like this are suitable for many. Read Maria’s comments about the canoe experience with Tavinsulka from below:

“I had a chance to participate to Tavinsulka’s Canoe Trip to Kalasaari on July 2nd 2018.  I was a bit concerned about the trip, since I have been canoeing only few times before. Also the weather was quite windy. Béla and Riikka from Tavinsulka promised us that everything’s gonna be fine, and they gave us very good instructions.

We started our trip from Hotel Alba. The way to the island was pretty rough because of the wind and waves. It took longer than planned to reach the island but we felt like winners after landing to the island!

At Kalasaari we all could participate heating up the sauna together. Even though the participants didn’t know each other’s beforehand, there was a nice team spirit among us and we learned a lot from each others. There were participants from Finland, Spain and Germany in the trip, and everyone got a real “mökki” (summer cottage) experience when we bathed in sauna, swam in a lake, enjoyed the nature, and shared a lunch together.

After sauna, we had coffee and headed back to Jyväskylä. The paddling back was much easier, and Béla taught us about the surroundings. He knows a lot about Lakeland and the history of the area.

The trips and tours organized by Tavinsulka are suitable for beginners and people who have been canoeing more. One can also rent canoes and kayaks on their own. I got many new friends from the trip, so those suit also well to individual travelers.”

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