Atmospheric Aikko Manor is situated on the shore of the Lake Keitele and it is embraced by the beautiful Lakeland scenery. Aikko Manor welcomes its guests to enjoy Lakeland’s nature and the hospitality of the countryside. The manor accommodates 60-90 people at once and guests can either stay in the comfortable guest rooms or at the lakeside campsite.

Manor’s campsite serves travellers around the year and it is located in a scenic spot right at the beach. The idyllic camping site offers plug-in pitches for 100 motorhomes and campervans and 5-hectare campsite also has plenty of space to set up a tent.

In addition to accommodation, the Manor is also specialized in arranging parties and gatherings. Atmospheric banquet rooms can fit up to 350 people!

Surrounding waters offer an endless variety of activities for the Manor’s guests; lake Keitele can be enjoyed swimming, SUP boarding, rowing and fishing. SUP boards and rowing boats can be rented from the Manor. For those that are in the need for speed can rent a jetski or attend on a fierce four rapid- paddling tour!