Environmentally friendly GreenStar Hotel Jyväskylä is located in the center of Jyväskylä city, only a stone’s throw away from the Travel Center. Opened in 2018, the hotel offers comfortable facilities and affordable accommodation close to the city center’s services. The hotel has 139 rooms and each of them is equipped with a handy mini kitchen. Green is in the name but you can also see it everywhere in the hotel: every room has a unique mat made from recycled materials, such as old fish nets and bottles. Delicious organic coffee in the breakfast table is roasted by local Roastery Papu and organic tea is from lovely and local Teeleidi.

Environmental friendliness is the base of all actions for GreenStar Hotels. It means genuine aspiration towards practices that honour the environment and these practices have been rewarded with a Nordic environmental award Joutsenmerkki. The hotel invests in the use of sustainable materials and some of the energy is generated by its own solar panels. GreenStar also uses about 50 percent less water than other hotels Nordic countries on average, and all energy is produced from renewable sources. Here you can stay with a clear conscience and minimal carbon footprint!