At the foot of Hirvivuori mountain (translation: Moose Mountain) you’ll find the most unique dining experience: Hirvikartano, Moose Manor. This special and one of a kind resraurant is situated in a 150 years old manor and it serves delicious country-style gourmet food. Pamper your tastebuds with traditional Finnish dishes such as salmon soup, rye-crusted vendace and moose sauté. Self picked mushrooms and berries add a superb touch to the restaurant’s game and fish dishes.

As the name suggests, there is a pack of moose living in the yard of Hirvikartano. In addition to the moose there are also adorable fallow deers wandering around the premises. And the best part is that these animals are all extremely friendly and they can’t wait for you to pet them! Visiting the animals is free of charge for the restaurant’s customers, for outside visitors the entrance fee is 7 euros.

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