The true Finnish experience comes with a ride on a dog sledge. This breed of dogs is beyond the concept of cute. Friendly, active and jolly huskies will make your day. In addition to arranging a fun ride through snowy forests, husky owners will happily tell you interesting facts about raising huskies for sledging and for competitions. McAho Safaris near Himos is one of the best places to experience this type of winter adventure. The programmes include a ride and hot drinks with a snack at a traditional Finnish hut called ‘kota’. Links for holiday providers below.

Other popular winter activities

Himos Ski Resort
The ski season in Central Finland starts at the end of November and lasts until the end of April, so...
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If you enjoy the speed, frisk winter air and the feeling of adventure, a guided tour on a snowmobile is an activity for you to try.


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Cross-country skiing in Central Finland
Cross-country skiing is often called a national sport of Finland along with hockey. Indeed, practically...
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