The third church of Keuruu parish which is nowadays known as the Old Church was inaugurated in 1758. The beautiful church has stood the test of time remarkably well and the old beauty still operates as a popular wedding church during summer time. Despite weddings and occasional concerts, the Old Church has been retired since the inauguration of the New Church in 1892.

Self-educated architect and head contractor of the church was Antti Antinpoika Hakola from South Ostrobothnia. The construction lasted from the year 1756 until 1759 and it resulted as a magnificent masterpiece of 18th-century wooden church architecture. Unfortunately no designs or plans of the church excist. This may be due to the fact that Antti Antinpoika Hakola was illiterate and he couldn't write.

The church features an altar frame transferred from the previous church, as well as the church's old punishment devices: the black bench and the stocks. Old photographs from the crypt underneath the apsis are presented as well. One of the ten deceased in the crypt was Abraham Indrenius Senior who worked as a vicar during the years of 1750-1770.

The marvelous ceiling painting is inspired by the Book of Revelations. The most famous of the paintings is "The Last Judgement" which portrays men admitted to Heaven and women sentenced to Hell. The original piece of this painting is at the National Museum in Helsinki.

Address: Keuruuntie 1, 42700 Keuruu
Open: 10.6.–9.8.2020 Mon–Sun klo 11 am– 4 pm
Admission fee: 3 euros per person

Guided tours in English, Swedish, German and Italian can be booked via e-mail museo@keuruu.fi or by phone +35840 965 5538.

Photos from the archive of Visit Keuruu and Maalle -project:
Inside photos by Jyri Karjalainen and outside photo by Leena Jaatinen