The Old Rectory of Keuruu has been restrored respecting its 200 year history and is a unique, historically valuable building in the centre of Old Keuruu, in the middle of the most beautiful Central Finland, by the lake Keurusselkä.

The restaurant with its delicious meals, friendly service and beautiful surroundings is a perfect place for a successful business meeting, a memorable group tour, a unique family celebration or a cordial getting together with your friends.

The romantic parlors and rooms downstairs accommodate 154 customers, upstairs in the meeting room there are 50 customer seats. The rooms are named after 12 vicars of Keuruu and restored accordin to their times. Mamsell´s coffee and vicar´s wife´s meals are already to be served! Pappilan Pakopelit - The two Escape Rooms in The Old Rectory of Keuruu are waiting for you to solve the challenge!