Piispala was founded in 1982 and ever since it has been the favorite destination for nature, sports and youth camps. Piispala is located in the middle of the most beautiful Finnish nature in the rural part of the Jyväskylä Region. Piispala has excellent facilities for various sports and crafts activities throughout the year. Piispala has a total of 242 beds in high-quality apartments and cozy cottages. There are several saunas in the Piispala area, such as the atmospheric wood-heated sauna right on the shore of picturesque Lake Kivijärvi.

Piispala is not only the biggest but also the most popular Youth Centre in Finland; Piispala arranges 300 camps annually! In addition to numerous indoor and outdoors sports such as curling, bowling, swimming, wall climbing and bubble football (to name a few) guests of Piispala can also visit the cute residents of Animal Farm Pihka. Pihka teaches kids how to take care of animals based on Green Care ideals.