Sauna Village located at Jämsä’s Juokslahti in an interesting journey to the smoke scented history of sauna bathing and authentic sauna experience. Saunakylä presents the largest collection of Finnish smoke saunas in the world. The village has 24 smoke saunas and the oldest ones are from the 18th century. The newest sauna in the village, Virpiö’s sauna, was build in Muurame in 1940’s and it is also the biggest sauna in the entire village.

Each and every one of the saunas have their own story to tell about the history of the region they came from and the particular region’s sauna traditions. The oldest sauna from the village has traveled to Jämsä all the way from Enontekiö.

The best comprehension about Finnish sauna bathing culture comes from sitting down on the sauna’s seat yourself. During summer time Sauna Village arranges open sauna evenings where eager sauna bathers are welcomed to bathe at some of the smoke saunas. Open sauna evenings start in the beginning of June anf the are being held until the end of August.

Maintained by Saunakulttuuri Ry, the Sauna Village and fascinating sauna bathing history can be explored independently or with a knowledgeable tour guide. Guided tours are also available in English. Remember to book your tour in advance!

Address: Pataniemi 420, 42100 Jämsä
Open: All year round, check the opening hours and ask for guided tours