About cookies

Our websites (https://visitjyvaskyla.fi, https://www.lastenloytoretket.fi, https://saunaregion.fi, https://visitcentralfinland.com) use cookies to ensure a good user experience.

A cookie is a short text file temporarily saved on the user’s hard disk drive. Cookie data may include e.g. website functions you have used, page visits or data about the visiting users’ devices. Cookies are user-specific, but the user cannot be identified based on the cookies, unless they have voluntarily given additional information, e.g. through a web form. Almost all websites use cookies, and the correct functioning of the web is not guaranteed without cookies. Please note that if you block cookies, all functionality on our website may not be at your disposal as intended.

We use cookie data in e.g. remarketing as well as displaying content to website visitors. In addition, we collect data for website analytics. Our objective is to ensure our website visitors have the best possible experience of the website and its functionality and content, as well as that content is targeted to the visitors’ own preferences. Services we use include Google services (Google advertising and Google Analytics) as well as social media services (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn). Our website also incorporates widgets designed to ease sharing our content in different online environments and social media. Interacting with these widgets may result in a cookie being issued to your device by the service you have chosen. These cookies are not under our control. You can learn more about third-party cookies by visiting the respective websites of those third parties. Our website also contains embedded content from social media channels. These services may also push cookies to your browser.

The user can select their cookie preferences through the settings of their web browser, as well as e.g. clear their browser cookies. If you prevent cookies from being saved or block them altogether, some of our website functionality may not be available. Deactivating a cookie or a class of cookies will not delete the cookie from your browser; you must use your own browser to do this. If you want your browser to block cookies, adjust your settings as directed by your browser provider.

For more information about cookie practices in Finland, please see the website of the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency’s National Cyber Security Centre.