If you like road trips or travelling in a caravan, Finland is a great choice of a travel destination. Comparing to other European countries, driving on Finnish traffic-free roads is a true relaxation. All the main roads in Finland are in a good condition, yet the speed limit on the majority of the roads is 100 km/h in summer and 80 km/h in winter, so prepare to count a little bit of extra time when planning a trip from point A to point B based on the distance.

Below you can find some essential rules regarding driving in Finland.

  • Lights on

    Regardless of the time of the day, remember to have your lights on.

  • Winter tyres

    Winter tyres (either studded or non-studded) must be used from 1 December to 3 March. However, if the weather conditions require use of studded winter tyres, they can be used for a longer period of time than indicated earlier. Winter tyres without studs may be used throughout the year.

  • Beware of elks

    Famous traffic signs featuring a moose are not just a symbol printed on souvenirs. These signs are placed in the areas which intersect with moose trails (as stubborn animals, they tend to use the same paths), so slow down and be very attentive when passing by a sign like that.

  • Alcohol limit

    Drunken driving is a serious crime in Finland. The blood alcohol limit is 0.5 g/ litre.

  • Emergency number

    To reach police/ ambulance/ fire brigade call 112.