Central Finland belongs to the famous Lakeland area, which stretches from Hämeenlinna in the south to Kajaani in the north and from Lappeenranta/ Imatra in the east to Tampere in the west. Lakeland is an incredible complex of lakes, channels, rivers and islands. The two largest lakes, Saimaa and Päijänne, are the main water veins of the country. Despite the size and its transportation importance, Päijänne has some of the purest water in the country. In fact, the capital region receives all drinking water right from this lake through a 120 km long water tunnel.

Besides the beautiful landscapes, Päijänne is also spectacular during one of the largest inland water sailing competitions in the world – Päijänne Sailing, which takes place every year in July.

To enjoy the views you can set off on a little lake cruise. Every summer there are several ferries cruising between Jyväskylä and Lahti and day/evening cruises you can go to. If you want to have a longer stay surrounded by water, you can rent a houseboat and set your geographical preferences yourself. There are many islands with public saunas you can stop by.

For fishing fans, Päijänne is a true Eldorado offering thousands of places for this hobby. In Central Finland, you can either do fishing independently or book a guided tour, which would include a boat rental, equipment rental, fishing licenses and a great company of a Finnish guide, who will teach you all the fishing tricks at the best locations.