Due to its geographical position, at Jyväskylä Region where you can enjoy all the four seasons of the year. Winter usually starts with the first snowfalls at the end of  October or in the beginning of November. The temperatures in November-December can reach -10°C but do not drop below the -15°C mark. The past five years, December has been rather “warm” with the temperatures rising above 0°C.

January and February tend to be the coldest months of the year with temperatures reaching up to -28°C. These are also the months with some heavy snowfalls. In Marchthe temperatures also usually drop below zero but the increasing amount of sunlight makes the weather warmer than during January and February. March is often considered to be the best month for winter sports and outdoor activities, as the temperature stays comfortably low for the snow to stay on the ground and there is a lot sunlight.

The spring arrives in April and this is the month with the least stable weather – it can rain, snow or shine. Mid-May is often the period of time when you can feel that the spring is indeed behind the corner. By this time, all the snow melts, the ice surface on lakes melts down and the first spots of green color can be seen here and there.

In June, temperatures can fluctuate between +10°C and +30°C. It is often the summer month with the heaviest rainfall. July and August are rather warm months with the temperatures reaching +20-30°C. The long summer days June, July and August are perhaps the best months to visit the region. Impressive landscapes and endless opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities are what attracts many tourists to Jyväskylä Region during summertime.

Starting from the end of June there are also many berries (e.g. blueberries and cloudberries) in the forests, which anyone can pick up as much as one wishes. The Everyman’s Right allows anyone to pick up berries and mushrooms in Finnish forests without limitations.

September and October are usually rather warm. The end of September is the starting point of the ‘ruska’ period, which means the colorful autumn foliage. The array of the colors from yellow to dark red with the spots of evergreen trees is spectacular.

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