Jämsä is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Central Finland. The city is located in a picturesque area by the river Jämsänjoki and Lake Päijänne. A 21 500 inhabitants city is easy to access by car or public transport, since it is situated just about halfway between two large cities – Jyväskylä and Tampere. Every year Jämsä attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world to enjoy music, nature and sports.

The largest holiday destination in Jämsä is Himos Holiday Center. Himos is a great place to enjoy not only winter holidays but also a stay during any other season of the year.

In addition to a large variety of activities, Jämsä Region is a place of the major open-air music festivals, large international events, such as Neste Rally Finland, and exhibitions, such as FinnMETKO.

While thinking of Jämsä, quite many will associate this city with felt industry. In fact, Jämsä is the largest centre of felt industry not only in Finland but also in the Northern Europe. The works of the local masters can be seen at the annual International Felt Exhibition, or purchased at factories outlets (e.g. Lahtiset factory outlet).

Finally, Jämsä is a true gem of the region in terms of the nature due to its mix of high hills with numerous lakes and rivers. Such natural diversity gives you an opportunity to enjoy practically any type of outdoor activities – from hiking in the Isojärvi National Park to canoeing following Wanha Witonen canoeing route in summer, from snowboarding on one of the 21 slopes at Himos to going on a husky safari in winter.

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Distance to Jyväskylä – 57,1 km
Distance to Himos Holiday Center – 7,4 km
Public beaches – yes
Attractions for children – yes
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