The municipality of Kuhmoinen, located close to Lake Päijänne in Southern Central Finland, is known for its natural beauty, comprising large forest areas, hundreds of lakes and spectacular glacial ridges. The region has been inhabited since the Stone and Iron Ages and there are many pre-historic sites containing rock carvings, forts and other landmarks from past centuries.

Isojärvi National Park and its wooded hills and valleys around Lake Isojärvi bear traces left by both two-legged and four-legged loggers. Old cycle paths lead to former lumberjacks’ cabins and croft houses. The only loggers working in the park today are beavers. It’s hard to spot these shy animals, but you can’t miss the impressive results of their labours. Isojärvi National Park is suitable for visitors of all ages all year but the terrain is difficult at places. No services for visitors with mobility difficulties.

In Kuhmoinen you can visit Historical hill Linnavuori which is located in the village of Päijälä, approx. 7, 5 km from the centre of Kuhmoinen. The top of this war monument on Linnavuori reaches 40 metres above sea level. On the basis of archaeological findings, it is clear that there has been human activity in the area until 13th century. The nature trail runs through the forest and it is mostly quite easy to traverse. At the base of the historical site there is an information board in English and a parking area.



Distance to Jyväskylä – 95 km, abt. 75 minutes
Distance to the airport – 115 km, abt. 90 minutes
Public beaches – yes
Attractions for children – yes