Lomaseutu is a Finnish word that means “holiday region”. As the name implies, people come to Lomaseutu to enjoy a relaxing and peaceful holiday, taking in the beauty and quiet of the lakeside and forest scenery, in the tender care of Mother Nature. Lomaseutu is a region which consists the towns of Kinnula, Kivijärvi, Pihtipudas and Viitasaari.

Cottages, sauna, wandering in the forest and wild food are essential elements of the local lifestyle, and they reveal the importance locals place on their relationship with nature. The best times to experience it for yourself is during autumn, winter and spring. Lomaseutu is known as the location of Finland’s southernmost wilderness, Salamajärvi National Park.

In Salamajärvi National Park you can follow in the hoofprints of wild forest reindeer on the Peuran Polku Trail. You might even spot some of these rare animals. The park’s varied wild scenery includes rockstrewn pinewoods, open bogs and lakes full of tasty fish. Use the facilities at Koirasalmi as a base for exploring the wilds.

(Picture of Viitasaari: Jaakko Tähti)


Distance to Jyväskylä
– Kinnula – 160 km, abt. 120 min
– Kivijärvi – 125 km, abt. 105 min
– Pihtipudas – 135 km, abt. 110 min
– Viitasaari – 100 km, abt. 85 min
Distance to the airport
– Kinnula – 135 km, abt. 115 min
– Kivijärvi – 105 km, abt. 85 min
– Pihtipudas – 115 km, abt. 95 min
– Viitasaari – 80 km, abt. 65 min
Public beaches – yes
Attractions for children – yes