Revontuli Resort is a resort located in a beautiful place at Lake Iso-Virmas, which has the purest water in the region. It takes just about 40 min drive from Jyväskylä towards a small town of Hankasalmi and you arrive to a place with cosy wooden cottages, a traditional Finnish smoke sauna and activities that can suit any traveler – from golf to fishing on a boat in the middle of the lake, from bowling to frisbee golf.

The centre is open all year round and can be a perfect destination for the winter holidays, as it is located near Häkä Ski Resort. This ski resort is popular among families with children due to fairly easy slopes and some special friends of all the children – a couple of reindeer.

If you are looking for some budget accommodation options, Revontuli Resort has cabins, which are available for rent only in summer. If you prefer to stay in a cosy room with own sauna, there is also a hotel.

Address: Revontulentie 1, 41500 Hankasalmi
Free parking – yes
Wi-Fi – yes
Restaurants at the hotel: restaurant Loimu, American Diner
Distance to Hankasalmi city centre – 11 km
Distance to Jyväskylä city centre – 47,6 km
Beach – yes
Programmes for children – yes
Equipment rental – yes
Accommodation with pets – yes

  • Winter Activities

    Cross-country skiing
    Saunas and ice hole swimming
    Winter fishing
    Downhill skiing and snowboarding at Häkä Ski Resort

  • Summer Activities

    Sauna (smoke sauna, tent sauna, lakeside sauna) and swimming in the lake or relaxation in a hot tub
    Nordic walking
    Boat rentals
    Frisbee golf