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Central Finland, the Sauna Region of the World, is packed with amazing nature and well-being destinations. On summer-time, the first week of July is always dedicated for unforgettable sauna experiences. Sauna Region Week is an event organized by Visit Central Finland and companies, who provide excellent sauna services in Central Finland.

Real Finnish Lakeland. Picture: Jaakko Tähti

During Sauna Region Week everyone can familiarize themselves into Finnish sauna culture and sauna service providers around the area. In 2018 there are more than 60 public sauna slots during the week. One of the most unusual saunas is build in old Ford Taunus car, and called Saunus. You can also visit the largest smoke sauna in the world in Tupaswilla.

Tupaswilla's Mighty Sauna

Tupaswilla’s World’s Biggest Smoke Sauna

On Monday 2nd July you can go for a whole-day-trip to a small island on Lake Päijänne with Tavinsulka, an experience-service-provider from Jyväskylä. The trip begins from a pier next to Hotel Alba, where participants start their canoe trip together. Canoeing to the island takes few hours, and after reaching the island, there will be a buffet lunch and possibility to bath in sauna in the island.

Another considerable nature sauna destination is Salamajärvi National Park’s sauna, which is heated on July 4th. What could be a better way to end a trekking day than a lakeside sauna in beautiful national park?


A Canoe Trip to Island Kalasaari’s Sauna

Salamajärvi National Park

Salamajärvi National Park

On both Saturdays, you can bath in old smoke saunas in Sauna Village, Jämsä. There will be an opening ceremony for new saunas as well. There are over 20 old smoke saunas in Sauna Village, most of them will be renewed for bathing, some retain as sauna museums. Jämsä’s Sauna Village is a perfect place to learn about the history of Finnish sauna traditions, sauna construction, and sauna culture.

Old smoke sauna at sauna village

Old Smoke Sauna at Sauna Village

And what would an event be without a little competition? Sauna Heating World Championship takes place at Peurunka resort on the last day of the week. It is a perfect way to end the week full of sauna events around Central Finland. In here, teams compete about heating tent saunas. The fastest team to heat up the sauna stove to 70 degrees, wins own tent sauna and sauna stove. And is nominated as the World Champion of Sauna Heating, of course. The competition is at least as fun to watch as it is to take part!

Sauna Heating World Championship at Peurunka

People Cheering the Teams

A Team Heating Up Their Sauna

Learn more about the Sauna Region of the World from https://saunaregion.fi/

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