Events in Central Finland

No matter which month of the year you visit Central Finland, there is always something interesting happening in the region – from open-air festivals and Neste Rally Finland in summer to the spectacular City of Light Festival in autumn and large sports competitions all year round. All the events taking place in the region will give you a glimpse at the Finnish culture, lifestyle and history. Are you wondering, what to do in Central Finland? Find all the events from cities’ own calendars, and seek the best annual events in Central Finland from our list below.

Events held in different cities:

Events in Jyväskylä

Events in Jämsä

Events in Laukaa (in Finnish)

Events in Keuruu (in Finnish)


Ski season in the ski resorts

Lift in Himos

The best ski season depends on the year – in best years we have enough snow to ski from end of November to late April, but on warmer years the high season begins on January or February. There are many Ski Resorts in Central Finland, you can find for example Himos, Laajis and Häkärinteet from here.


Red Bull Crashed Ice

Jyväskylä RedBull Crashed Ice

Red Bull Crashed Ice is a spectacular sports event, which is held every year in the beginning of February. Professional downhill skaters are racing on the longest track in the world in Laajavuori, Jyväskylä. (Find on map) Picture: Andreas Schaad, Red Bull Content Pool


The Easter Market

Toivola Old Courtyard is the home for local food, Easter delicate, and handicrafts during the week before Easter. This beautiful courtyard is collecting Finnish traditional handcrafts, artisan’s boutiques and the Museum of Central Finland’s craftsmen’s homes together. (Find on map)


Handcraft, Antiques, and Wellness fair

Wellness, Handcrafts, and Antiques fair is held in Paviljonki, Jyväskylä every April. (Find on map)

Spring Market

Wemmi Spring Market in Jyväskylä is an event for people, who are interested in delicious food, local products, and Finnish handicrafts. Find the farmers, producers and artisans selling their goods and products in Jyväskylä City on end of April-beginning of May. (Find on map)

Jyrock Festival

Jyrock Festival in mid-April gathers together fresh new music from Finland and abroad. Bands, artists, and DJ’s are entertaining people in this music event in Jyväskylä.


Circus Finlandia

From end of April to beginning of May, Circus Finlandia is performing in Cenral Finland. Talented acrobats, funny clowns and other amazing circus people are entertaining you. Find the programme and other information from Circus Finlandia’s website.

Yläkaupungin Yö – A city festival full of culture in Jyväskylä

Yläkaupungin Yö is a culture event held in Jyväskylä’s uptown area. During this festival you can find wide range of free events suitable for all ages. There are dance performances, local bands and artists, handcrafts, food, and many other interesting things to see and do around the festival area. This is the opening event of summer events in Jyväskylä.

Central Finland Fish Market

Market area in Jyväskylä Harbor offers a wide range of seasonal products and fish from the lakes of Central Finland. (Find on map)


OlutSatama – Finnish craft beer festival

OlutSatama is a craft beer festival held in Jyväskylä harbor in the beginning of July. This event was an idea of two young women, who decided to build up a beer festival (which didn’t exist that time in Jyväskylä), and their idea was a great success! The waited and wanted event gathers together the beer lowers and craft beer makers. There are famous Finnish craft beer breweries and rising small breweries offering their best beers for the visitors. You can buy drink tickets online or from the venue. (Find on map)

Sataman Yö – Harbor’s Night Music Festival

Sataman Yö music festival in Jyväskylä harbor has a long history and it is held almost every summer in mid-June. You can listen to international and Finnish artists and bands in beautiful Jyväskylä harbor and enjoy the Finnish summer evenings when the sun almost doesn’t set at all.

Lake Jyväsjärvi Rowing

Lake Jyväsjärvi Rowing is one of the Finland’s oldest rowing event which has gathered in last years about 600 rowers. The route of the race is approximately 5 km where the rowers can enjoy the beautiful Jyväskylä city while competing. The boats of this race are long boats, where the crew consists of 14 rowers and a cox who paces them.

Midsummer in Himos – Himos Juhannus

Celebrate the midnight’s sun and Finnish Midsummer in Himos Midsummer Festival, where the most popular Finnish artists and bands are entertaining you and the heat of the beats keeps you warm – no matter what the weather. Event is in Finnish. The venue is in the beautiful lakeside area in Himos, Jämsä. (Find on map)

Iskelmä Festival

Iskelmä Festival is a Finnish popular music festival, where you can familiarize yourself to top Finnish artists and music. Most of the artists are singing in Finnish, but you can feel the rhythm and enjoy the atmosphere of Finnish festivals even though you didn’t speak Finnish – maybe you even learn some… (Find on map)

Jämsän Äijä Market Fair

Traditional summer fair and market in Jämsä city center. The market takes place in between June and July. (Find on map)


Sauna Region Week

Lakomäki Smoke Sauna, bathing women

Central Finland is known as the sauna region of the world, and the main event of sauna region is the Sauna Region Week, which welcomes every one to try out amazing and relaxing saunas in Central Finland. During the week, you will be able to participate Sauna Marathon and try about 20 saunas withing 10 kilometers trail. There is also Sauna Heating World Championship competition held in Peurunka every year. Finnish smoke saunas and traditional saunas are also open for public, so look out the most suitable sauna experiences for you from Sauna Region Week’s calendar. The event is held on the first week of July. Picture: Petri Blomqvist.

Jysäri – Dance Music Festival

Best Beats of 90’s! Jysäri Festival is a music festival which brings you back to the nineties in beautiful venue of Himos in Jämsä. The event is in Finnish, but you’ll find also big international names performing in the event. (Find on map)

Päijänteen Palvipäivät – A local food festival

This market style festival is held in Korpilahti Harbor, about 30 minutes drive to South from Jyväskylä. The Finnish name of the event is “Lake Päijänne’s Smoked Ham Market”, which means that you’ll have chance feast with delicious Finnish smoked ham. There is program for the whole family in this free outdoor event. (Find on map)

Jyväskylä Festival

In the beginning of the July there is a city festival held in Jyväskylä. This music, culture, and theater summer festival holds big variety of different kinds of culture events. Find the full information from Jyväskylän Kesä website.

Suomipop Festival

Suomipop festivaali Jyväskylä

Suomipop Festival is one of the biggest Finnish music festivals held in Finland. The Finnish front-line artists are performing next to Jyväskylä Harbor in this four-day-festival, which is very popular event in Finland. (Find on map)

Antique and Handicrafts Market

Muurame Antique and Handicrafts Market is held in Youth club’s house in Muurame near to Jyväskylä city. Find different kinds of market events from here. The market is often held on a weekend in mid-July. (Find on map)

Päijännepurjehdus Sailing Race on Lake Päijänne

Päijännepurjehdus Sailing Race on Lake Päijänne is the biggest inland waterways sailing race in Nordic countries and one of the biggest sailing races in European lakes. It takes place in Central Finland, and is raced on a weekend  in end of July. The take-off and finishing harbors might change year-to-year, so check the full information from event’s website.

Neste Rally Finland


Neste Rally Finland is one of the biggest international sports events in Finland. This rally event collects the best rally drivers around the world. The event has become famous all over the world among the rally-lovers, because it is held in the beautiful forest and lakeside roads in Central Finland. Finnish rally roads offer spectacular jumps for the rally drivers. The HQ is in Paviljonki, next to Jyväskylä Harbor (find on map). Picture: Toni Ollikainen

John Smith Rock Festival

As the name reveals, John Smith Rock Festival is a rock music festival. This event is one of a kind, since it has started from one man’s dream of having great rock festival in small town of Laukaa. Nowadays the festival gathers together people from surrounded cities and offers wide range of rock music. What kind of rock music? Well that you can find out by following mr. John Smith on different channels. The festival area is build up to the lakeside venue next to the Spa Hotel Peurunka. (Find on map)


Laukaa Harbor Festival

Laukaa Harbor Festival is a music festival which gathers Finnish front-line artists to the town of Laukaa. Festival is held every year in the beginning of the August, and it is open for under-ages as well. This is a music event in Central Finland, which gives you an opportunity to familiarize yourself to Finnish music and enjoy the beautiful lakeside area of town Laukaa. (Find on map)


City of Light Festival
People taking pictures at the City of Light Festival.

City of Light Festival.

City of Light Festival brings light to the dark autumn nights. In this event, you can find beautiful art made by local and international artists, meet locals and enjoy the fall colors. This three-day-event is held in Jyväskylä every autumn in the end of September, and most of the exhibitions are free of charge. You can find exhibitions around Jyväskylä City, for example from River Tourujoki (find on map). Picture: Jiri Halttunen.


International Dog Show

Every October the International Dog Show is held in Paviljonki, Jyväskylä. Cute dogs are filling the conference hall for a weekend, and the dog-lovers around the world are meeting each other. (Find on map)


The Opening of the Christmas Season

Kauppakatu street

Beautiful Christmas Street in Jyväskylä welcomes everyone to prepare themselves for the Christmas season. The event of Opening the Christmas Season is held in city center of Jyväskylä, and there will be sale on some boutiques and shops, as well as varying program for the whole family. The event is usually held on a weekend in the end of November, and it culminates in fireworks. The event itself is free of charge. (Find on map)


Independence Day

Finns celebrate their Independence Day (December 6th) usually by watching the “Linnan Juhlat”, an Independence party held by the President, from TV. In addition to this, there are variety of different kinds of little events and ceremonies around the country, also in Central Finland.  In Jyväskylä, scouts light up the stairs of Harju. From Toivola Old Courtyard, you can also find some traditions and exhibitions (find on map).

Christmas Markets

What would Christmas-time be without Christmas markets? In Central Finland, you can find many Christmas Markets, where you can buy local products, Christmas gifts, souvenirs, traditional Finnish goods and everything that you would wish to find on this time of the year! Here are some of our recommendations for your holiday seasons’ must-do’s:

Toivola Old Courtyard Christmas Market

Meet Santa and his elves in beautiful Toivola Old Courtyard, which turns into Christmas Wonderland for Christmas season.

Paviljonki Christmas Market

Paviljonki Christmas Market in Jyväskylä gathers together the best local products from Finland and the Lakeland area. Find some Christmas treats and gifts from the market. It is usually held in the second weekend of December. (Find on map)


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