In addition to museums and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, you can find some great (and often with free entrance) landmarks, which we recommend you to include into your sightseeing list. Check these places to get more out of your visit to Central Finland!

Sights in Central Finland

The best view over Jyväskylä opens from one of the highest spots...
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Kuokkala Bridge at night
This is perhaps one of the most iconic landmarks in Central Finland...
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Harju Ridge
One of the highest points in the city of Jyväskylä is Harju Ridge...
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Jyväskylä City Hall
When Jyväskylä was established in 1837, architect Carl Ludvig Engel planned...
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Keuruu Old Church at sunset
The Old Church of Keuruu 1756-1759 was consecrated on the 16th of June in 1758 but was not completed until the next year...


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Are you interested in sauna culture and the history of smoke saunas in Finland? Probably the biggest collection of smoke saunas in the world can be found from Sauna Village...
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