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Lakeland – Jyväskylä Region is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful regions in Finland. The municipalities, cities and towns in the region are a unique mix of nature, activities and people.

In this post we introduce you to Äänekoski. What are the recommendations to see or to do by locals? Please remember that you can find more suggestions about the area from the travel website.


The rapids of Kapeenkoski

The rapids of Kapeenkoski and the area of Kapeenniemi is a recreational area for the whole family and can be enjoyed all year round. Kapeenkoski is a popular fishing rapid and in the area surrounding the rapids there are many trails of different level. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in hiking there is a trail for everyone. Kapeenniemi recreational area offers several short hiking paths, fire and camp fire sites free for all to use. Please, remember to follow the rules of everyman’s rights. (Photo: SiniJaPete, Instagram: sinijapete)


Restaurant Wille

Restaurant Wille is a comfortable living room in the centre of Äänekoski. This restaurant is well-known by its delicious waffles. Also ”Keitele Fish and Chips” is worth tasting: this dish features local fish from a lake with an English twist! Have a sip of coffee in the café or in summertime in the terrace with a park view. (Photo: Ilona Pietiläinen)


Metsä Group’s Pro Nemus

The Visitor center Pro Nemus offers a big package of information about Metsä Group’s new biotechnology mill. The city of Äänekoski organizes open tours every month’s first Thursday from 17:00 to 19:00. During the visit you’ll have an introduction to the latest in ecological timber technology: what is produced in the factory area and which are the materials used in the mill?

You have the opportunity to take a virtual tour in the area. There is a modern forest machine simulator and you can even take a selfie in a photobooth! Big touch screens will take you back in time in history. You can also have a look where the Finnish cellulose is going. Pro Nemus is a great way to experience the Finnish forest industry in a fun way! (Photo: SiniJaPete, Instagram: sinijapete)


Accommodation and Fishing Vonkale

Accommodation and Fishing Vonkale offers guided full-service fishing trips in Lake Keitele and other nearby lakes. There is a lot to do for every season! Fishing trips are organised for enthusiasts of varying skill levels: from beginners to experienced fishers.

Vonkale provides also many other nature-related activities including hiking in the neighboring areas and boat trips to lake and rapids scenery. Vonkale is also the setting for a number of water sports. The company has also cottage accommodation available by the beautiful lakefront Keitele with its clear waters and abundance of fish. Visitors staying at a cottage can go fishing on their own, too.

Main photo: SiniJaPete, Instagram: sinijapete

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