#Travel Jul 13, 2019 10:59 GMT

Lakeland – Jyväskylä Region is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful regions in Finland. The municipalities in the region make a unique mix of nature, cities, towns, activities and people.

In this post we introduce you to Kivijärvi. What are the recommendations to see or to do by locals?

Koirasalmi nature information hut at the heart of Salamajärvi National Park

This is an ideal place to start a hike, cycle or a boat trip or to enjoy the lakeside sauna by Lake Koirajärvi. Along the route, you may spot a rare Finnish forest reindeer, as 1 000 of them live wild in the National Park. (Photo: Juha Sahlgren, Witas)

Holiday Club Hannunkivi

Hannunkivi is located next to the beautiful, clear waters of Lake Kivijärvi in the shelter of the forest. This is a tranquil holiday destination, which is deservedly called the paradise of nature tourism. The club includes holiday cottages, a restaurant specialising in local produce and a wellbeing cottage. The plan is to also offer accommodation in tree houses and a forest spa in the future. (Photo: Witas)

The Finnish championship of bucket carrying

This is a fun event in which competitors carry buckets brimming with water through an obstacle course whilst spectators spur them on. This marvel has to be witnessed and experienced. The competition will be organised in Holiday Club Hannunkivi in Kivijärvi on 13 July 2019. (Photo: Villipeura, Witas)

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