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Lakeland – Jyväskylä Region is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful regions in Finland. The municipalities, cities and towns in the region are a unique mix of nature, activities and people.

In this post we introduce you to Kuhmoinen. What are the recommendations to see or to do by locals? Please remember that you can find more suggestions about the area from the travel website.

Isojärvi National Park

Isojärvi National Park is one of the largest parks in the region. The wooded hills and valleys around Lake Isojärvi bear traces left by both two-legged and four-legged loggers. You can hire a row boat, a canoe, a kayak, a fatbike, hiking equipment or a packraft from Heretty café in Isojärvi National Park. Or how about renting accommodation at Heretty Loggers’ Cabin? (Photo: Julia Kivelä)

Kuhmoinen harbour

Award-winning harbour in Kuhmoinen is known for its beautiful location. The surrounding nature and many services like shops and a restaurant invite visitors to spend a great day.


The 100-year-old art nouveau style building in the centre of Kuhmoinen hides an idyllic gift and interior shop. You will find a big selection of unique products and in the summer you can sit down and have a coffee in the beautiful garden café. Please remember to check the shop’s website for opening hours.

Kuhmoinen Mountain Biking Trail

The new Mountain Biking Trail in Kuhmoinen takes you from the centre of Kuhmoinen to Isojärvi National Park and back. The rocky and occasionally steep forest trail provides a good biking challenge. There are also easier and shorter trails for beginners. The total length of the trail will be about 70 kilometres and the various routes are marked with different colours. The whole trail will be open in autumn 2019 but test drives are already possible. (Photo: Julia Kivelä)

Main Photo: Julia Kivelä

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