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Lakeland – Jyväskylä Region is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful regions in Finland. The municipalities, cities and towns in the region are a unique mix of nature, activities and people.

In this post we introduce you to Laukaa. What are the recommendations to see or to do by locals? Please remember that you can find more suggestions about the area from the travel website.

Laukaa harbour

Come and enjoy the laid-back feeling in the cosy waterfront Café. The verdant park and many summer events like Satama Festival in August are welcoming you to have a great time. Rent a SUP Board, a canoe or a water scooter to have a water activity-filled day! (Photo: Visit Laukaa)

Art Center Järvilinna

The charming villa, astonishing garden and the art exhibitions in Art Center Järvilinna invite you for a visit. Have a refreshment in the atmospheric café or discover some treasures from the art and souvenir shop. You can also have a visit in the workshops of the artists living in the area. (Photo: Visit Laukaa)


Welcome to Tupaswilla – Finland’s best public smoke sauna, heritage village to visit and buffet dining for group travellers! Explore the offerings of the traditional village or see old army vehicles. At Tupaswilla offroad scenery ride you can feel the growl of old army trucks and tracked vehicles. There are also many events like peat sauna evening in Tupaswilla.

Varjola Resort & Activities

Varjola Resort & Activities is a perfect place to spend your holiday. In Varjola you can enjoy Finnish sauna experiences, traditional Finnish cuisine and multiple nature activities for example rafting or fishing. Varjola also offers quality accommodation by the river Kuusaankoski. (Photo: Julia Kivelä)

Hyyppäänvuori Hill

Hyyppäänvuori Hill is located by Lake Lievestuore. The hill and its 170 metres high summit offers a breathtaking view of the lake and the surrounding traditional landscape. There are exiting caves and cracks around the path leading to the hill. The terrain can be demanding so the climb to the hill is for daredevils! (Photo: Jaakko Tähti)

(Main photo: Julia Kivelä)

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