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Lakeland – Jyväskylä Region is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful regions in Finland. The municipalities, cities and towns in the region are a unique mix of nature, activities and people.

In this post we introduce you to Muurame. What are the recommendations to see or to do by locals? Please remember that you can find more suggestions about the area from the travel website.

Muurame Church

The church of Muurame is based on architecture Alvar Aalto’s design. The church was completed in 1929 and underwent a restoration project in 2016. It is a white plastered church with Italian influences in the belfry and the loggia below the parish hall. (Photo: Tero Takalo-Eskola, Visit Jyväskylä)


Kivitasku welcomes visitors all year round! In Kivitasku the old Finnish log building skills are taking new shapes and the buildings have inspiration from Kalevala Mythology.

Villa Kivitasku is a wedding and party venue for 60 guests and the log sauna fits 30 guests. There is also a hot tub and a lake to enjoy and after a nice day you can also accommodate in the area. Meet the small farm animals or do some shopping in the souvenir shop! During summer, Villa Kivitasku hosts an arts and crafts café, a felt art textile exhibition and a wood-work exhibition. (Photo: Kivitasku)

Muuramenjoki River and nature trail

The Muuramenjoki River runs from Lake Muuratjärvi into Lake Päijänne through the Muurame municipal centre. The lenght of Muuramenjoki River is 1,5 kilometres and it has gentle rapids and height difference of 12 metres.

Go for a walk or go fishing! You can walk along a 3,5 km long hiking trail including a 1,5 km long nature trail on the river bank – all year round! Muuramenjoki River is also very popular among anglers.

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