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Roadtrip Keski-Suomessa

This month’s road trip has guaranteed summer fun full of great nature destinations for the whole day. On this trip we get to experience versatile landscapes not only on foot, but also on a kayak or on a SUP board. The final stop of the trip is Revontuli Resort and its photogenic glass igloos. As usual, we start our road trip from Jyväskylä city center. And off we go!

First stop: Marjoniemi Ranch, Uurainen

Road trip day gets a nice start from Marjoniemi Ranch’s idyllic summer cafe and its delicious home-made pastries. While we’re at it we’ll say hi to the furry residents of the ranch: cute Icelandic horses and woolly summer sheep. A friend of horseback riding should add Marjoniemi Ranch on they’re bucket list for future riding trips!

Second stop: Hernesalmi Mill, Saarijärvi

On the way to Pyhä-Häkki National Park, we stop for a little walk to the picturesque Hernesalmi Mill. Don’t forget your camera in the car, the old wooden mill next to roaring rapids is something that should definitely be captured.

Third stop: Pyhä-Häkki National Park, Saarijärvi

The centuries old pines at Pyhä-Häkki National Park are a very impressive sight. Some of these tree seniors have lived a respectable life: the oldest trees are up to 500 years old! The park has over 20 kilometres of easily accessible hiking trails and most of the trails are perfectly suited for day trips. On our road trip we head to Mastomäki Trail which is about three kilometres long and takes about one hour to stroll through. On this trail we’ll encounter the famous Big Tree!

Fourth stop: Öijänniemi, Kannonkoski

At this point of the day, our stomachs start to growl for food. So next we take a heading towards picturesque Öijänniemi barbeque hut where we cook and enjoy our picnic lunch. The shed is located right on the beautiful shore of Öijänhiekka and it has a gorgeous view towards the lake Lintuselkä. The shelter can be reached via the three kilometre-long Piispala nature trail.

Fifth stop: Karoliina’s stairs (Karoliinan portaat), Viitasaari

Karoliina’s stairs is spectacular rock formation at Viitasaari that resembles stairs. The name has an interesting story behind it: Once upon a time, a well-known healer Karoliina Raatikainen had to cross the cliff every day, all year round to enter her home on the top of the cliff. Once you’ll see the cliff, you will understand why this is such an impressive accomplishment! The route to the foot of the stairs is about 1.5 kilometres long. We do not go up the stairs themselves, for the rock is dangerously steep.

Sixth stop: Cafe Myllytupa, Viitasaari

For late lunch, we will stop at Cafe Myllytupa, that’s located at the idyllic Suovanlahti village. Delicious warm sandwiches and sweet waffles are pleasant to enjoy on the café’s sunny terrace, looking at a beautiful view towards the near by pond.

Seventh stop: Häyrylänranta, Konnevesi

Häyrylänranta Camping ground is a gateway to Southern Konnevesi National Park and also a starting point for multiple kayak routes. When we reach Häyrylänranta, we’ll hop on our rental kayaks and explore the magnificent waters and islands of Souhern Konnevesi. Those looking for more laid-back action can rent a SUP board instead and paddle around Häyrylänranta area.

Final stop: Revontuli Resort, Hankasalmi

Phew, we have had a long day full of activities! We’ll end our road trip to Revontuli Resort, where we enjoy dinner either at Revontuli Bowling Diner or at Restaurant Loimu. Accommodation takes place in the resort’s luxurious glass igloos that offer an amazing lakeview from the panoramic windows. What a perfect place to spend the night after a long day!

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