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Diverse landscapes and mild weather in winter make Central Finland a great place to enjoy winter sports. Unlike in southern part of Finland, snow stays longer here, yet the weather tends to be not as cold as in Lapland. So if you are looking for a place to enjoy outdoor activities in winter, mark this region on your map.

What winter activities and where in Central Finland can you try them? Check the list of the best places where you get to try not only downhill skiing, snowboarding or cross-country skiing but also some typically Finnish winter activities.

1. Himos Holiday Centre is located near the largest ski resort in the southern and central parts of Finland. If you have conquered all the 21 slopes at Himos, you can spend a day out skating on the special track made on the lake, riding a snowmobile or an ATV, ice fishing, swimming in an ice hole in a special airtight overall or competing in curling. The list does not end here!


Himos arctic swimming

2. A wide range of extreme activities is what makes Varjola Holiday Centre so special. Just imagine going over fast rapids while sliding a rope or conquering hills on a snowmobile or an ATV. If you feel like spending a more tranquil time, go on a husky safari or relax during a dip in a lake in a special overall, which will keep cold and moist away.


Varjola arctic adventure

3. One of the best city ski centres in Finland, Laajis in Jyväskylä is a fun place to enjoy skiing and snowboarding. This is also the centre, which holds Red Bull Crashed Ice competition next January bringing the best of the best competitors in downhill skating (yes, you got it right – downhill skating!) to Finland.


Laajis ski centre

In addition to these places, you can find information about other activities and locations here.

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