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Central Finland has absolutely astonishing views – lakes, lush forests and hills are a part of the landscapes. If you want to enjoy incredible views, check our TOP-4 list of places which will wow you with the sceneries.

#1 Hyyppäänvuori, Laukaa
Laukaa views

This place is among the top favorite hiking destinations in the region. Here you get to see splendid sceneries from a 171 m high hill. In fact, due to such views the place is often called Central Finland’s Koli (with a reference to the Koli National Park). There are several hiking routes to the top with each offering some unique views on Lake Lievestuore.

#2 Oravivuori Triangulation Tower, Korpilahti
Oravivuori views

In addition to being one of the two UNESCO Heritage Sites in the region, this tower in Korpilahti is famous for some spectacular views on the largest lake in the region – Lake Päijänne. Oravivuori hill is also among some highest points in Central Finland reaching 193 m above the sea level.

#3 Himos, Jämsä
Himos views

Few people can deny the fact that one of the many great sides of downhill skiing or snowboarding as sports is enjoying the views. Being the largest ski resort in the southern and central parts of Finland, Himos offers great views from 21 slopes. Get high up the slopes and enjoy views from a winter wonderland!

#4 Vesilinna, Jyväskylä
Vesilinna views

As a former water tower, Vesilinna in Jyväskylä is located on one of the highest spots in the city. Today the tower is transformed into a tourist site with the museum on the ground floor, a restaurant on the second floor and an observation tower one floor up.
The tower is open Mon – Sat 11 – 23.

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