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Finding a place to stay in Central Finland is rather easy – from luxurious cottages to spa hotels and family owned locations – the choices are limitless. With such a diversity of the accommodation options, some places stand out by having a totally unique appeal. Would you like to have a memorable stay at an unusual place in Central Finland? If your answer is ‘yes’, read through our TOP-5 list of unusual accommodation options in the region.

#1 Explore the Lakeland on a houseboat


Reaching a lake or a beach has never been easier than while staying on a houseboat. Floating cottages, or houseboats, have all you need for a perfect stay: cosy bedroom, kitchen and a panoramic living room, terrace, WC and, of course, a sauna. In addition to the comfortable stay, you surely get to have incredible views from your windows.

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#2 Diving into the past at Taulu Manor

Taulu Manor

Beautiful and historic manor would be a perfect place for a romantic retreat. Wouldn’t you agree? Whenever you stay at Taulu Manor, the sense of being brought back to the past centuries won’t leave you. From the unique interior, antique furniture to the menu and peculiar attention to customer service – everything creates an unforgettable experience.

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#3 Countryside living at its best

Taipale Farm

For the past few years rural tourism has become a trend. If you wish to escape from the hustle and bustle of cities, go back to the roots (in its literal meaning), come to the countryside in Central Finland, where you will find several farms to stay at. Taipale Farm in Petäjävesi is a great example of a place where you can enjoy a pleasant stay and buy products produced at the farm.

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#4 Hotel Yöpuu

Hotel Yöpuu Room for three persons

To say the least this is a hotel unlike any other. To elaborate the idea ever more, each room in the Hotel Yöpuu has a distinct interior design, so there are no two rooms alike. With the idea of delivering the best of the best hotel and dining experience, this hotel and its restaurant Pöllöwaari have received a number of prestigious awards on national and international levels.

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# Extreme and history combined

Some might wish to stay at a place with a historic appeal while the others would prefer a location where it is possible to experience some fun activities such as dog sledging in winter or rafting in summer. If you want to combine the two of the options, come to Varjola Holiday Centre for a weekend or a longer period of time. With dozens of extreme activities and a beautiful historic manor, this holiday centre gains high scores in all the categories.

Varjola in Christmas

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