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Seeking for sustainable and environmentally friendly accommodation options and tour organizers grows its popularity among travelers each year. Eco-friendly traveling is not only necessary for the sake of our planet, it is also a rising trend in the tourism industry.

A holiday in the Jyväskylä Region is easy to carry out wearing shoes that have a small carbon footprint. Lush forests and clear, blue lakes surrounds every visitor creating an excellent setting for nature based activities. Since nature is so close to us, there are also lots of sustainable dining options with delicious, locally produced ingredients.

Earmark these green companies for your next Lakeland adventure!


Nukula is a charming family owned small business offering accommodation and well-being services. Nukula is located in the most beautiful lakeside scenery away from the hustle and bustle of the city. A good night’s sleep is guaranteed when staying at Nukula’s atmospheric wooden cabins that are surrounded by forest. Nukula’s guests also have a possibility for a unique million star rated accommodation, since you can also stay under a starry sky at a traditional lean-to. Nukula’s sustainable way of running a business has been rewarded with Green Key and Sustainable Travel Finland certificates.

Environmentally friendly GreenStar Hotel Jyväskylä is located in the center of Jyväskylä city, only a stone’s throw away from the Travel Center. Green is in the name but you can also see it everywhere in the hotel, since environmental friendliness is the base of all actions for GreenStar Hotels. It means genuine aspiration towards practices that honour the environment and these practices have been rewarded with a Nordic environmental award Joutsenmerkki. The hotel invests in the use of sustainable materials and renewable energy sources. The hotel even has its own solar panels!

Restaurants & cafes

Harmooni creates dishes that pamper your tastebuds using organic and locally produced ingredients. A’ la carte menu at Harmooni is a compilation of season’s finest ingredients guaranteeing a plate full of fresh and natural flavors. Supporting and co-operating with local businesses is a vital part of sustainability and therefore there is a wide network of local producers in Harmooni’s supply chain, such as Jukolan Juusto cheese factory from Joutsa and Honkarannan Leipä bakery from Viitasaari.

Beans & More is a 100 % plant-based cafe, restaurant and shop in the center of Jyväskylä city. Enjoy a nice cup of locally roasted coffee, hearty lunch bowl full of green goodness or a glass of freshly pressed juice at the cafe’s cozy surroundings. Beans & More also has a shop with a great selection of vegan crogeries.


Purola Farm’s friendly Icelandic horses are ready to take you for a ride! This particulat horse breed is known for its gentle nature and its capability to make its way steadily even in the most challenging terrain. The farm arranges horseback riding tours for riders of all skill levels in the beautiful landscape of Saarijärvi. After a day of horse powered activities guests can relax at the farm’s traditional sauna and enjoy a pampering peat treatment. Purola is an organic farm that has been respectably awarded with Sustainable Travel Finland Certificate.

Explore Lakeland’s beautiful nature with Versona! Versona arranges guided fatbike tours and fatbike rentals around the Jyväskylä Region. Fatbiking is a fun and eco-friendly way of getting around region’s multiple nature trails and amazing national parks. So hop on and head out to nature!

Tavinsulka offers fun outdoor activities in the nature around the year. Tavinsulka is specialized in aquatic activities using canoes, kayaks and SUP boards ranging from ready-made excursion options to fully-tailored programme packages, such as atmospheric sunset SUP tour during summertime. When the snow falls to the ground, Tavinsulka switches kayaks and SUP boards to snowshoes!


Sustainability is a matter of heart at KOTO Designmarket. The dedicated staff is happy to help their customers to find their favorite piece from the beautiful selection of unique and locally produced designer clothes and accessories. Koto aims to support local designers and their entire selection is made in Finland.

Toivola old Courtyard is undeniably the most beautiful shopping center in Jyväskylä. Rustic courtyard is surrounded by colorful wooden houses from which you can find charming craft shops from local artists and designers. After a day of shopping you can have a seat at Toivola’s lovely cafe and enjoy a cup of mouth watering, locally produced Art Gelato ice cream. Yummy!

Hakamaa Sheep Farm is an organic farm located in Petäjävesi. At this atmospheric ranch you’ll be introduced to the authentic, tranquil lifestyle of the countryside. The farm has a lovely shop filled with high-quality food products, such as self-made jam and juices and ethically produced sausages. Since the farm is inhabited by various sheep breeds, there are lots of different wool products available as well.

Have a green holiday!

Photo: Julia Kivelä

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